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Question Answered step-by-step *Comment on your fellow students’ posts. Remember, commenting… *Comment on your fellow students’ posts. Remember, commenting doesn’t mean just saying “nice job”. Give them your opinion. Have a discussion.students’ posts:1. The British used their economic power to gain leverage over Iran’s economy which led to significant inflation and food shortages throughout much of the country including Tehran where thousands were killed during protests due largely because of these conditions. The Iranian state was weakened by wars of intervention, and unequal treaties which wrecked traditional industries and agriculture. The current Iranian government does not see this relationship through the lens of British imperialism. Instead, it views itself as a nation struggling for independence from an oppressive force that seeks to subjugate it. It is not surprising to learn that Iranians evaluate contemporary international affairs through the prism of British imperialism. However, it is essential to keep in mind that a lot of time has passed since the days of the British Empire, and has undergone significant transformation as a result. It is not impossible for Iran to put this chapter of its history behind it, but doing so would need significant time and effort.2. From an industrial standpoint, British imperialism set back Iran decades compared to other countries with similar resources not located in the Middle East. Power brokering legislation had held back steam engine utilization to produce railways and trains until after World War I had concluded. While I personally do not care for Iranian politics as an American of Iraqi heritage, their anger towards the western nations is justifiable. They were revolutionized by their Imam style of governing and policymaking, so much so that the country of Iran was able to influence the 1980 presidential election in the United States by effectively blackballing then-president Jimmy Carter out of hostage negotiations during the Iranian Revolution, costing him re-election. At current pace, I would say that there is a possibility for reconciliation between Iran and the West but would likely cost a considerable amount of power and foothold in the region against are more trusted ally of Iran, Russia. Whether that comes to pass or is mere speculation seems to change by the day as the current global political spheres of influence are shifting before our eyes.3. due to what has happened in the past it kind of reminds me of an injured cornered dog, they have been hurt so many times that they don’t know what to do or who to trust. but after gaining independence and taking some time they are slowly and surely reeducating themselves and building themselves back up in the correct way. so no i don’t blame them from still seeing things in a British imperial way after being burned, but slowly and surly they are changing. History World History WORLD HIST 120 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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