Task 1 SoccerAssociation information software Refer to previous…

Question Answered step-by-step Task 1 SoccerAssociation information software Refer to previous… Task 1 SoccerAssociation information software Refer to previous workshops for SoccerAssociation case study background You are working with Tina White,?SoccerAssociation’s?office manager on the Club Registration website and?GameSheet?entry application, which needs to be developed before the next season begins.?? For the Club Registration process, there needs to be an option to capture each player details against the team that player is allocated to. To use?GameSheet?application the user must login into the application, using a username and password. Coaches and managers will be allocated to a club and they will need to see the list of all teams in that club. They will select the team?they are entering details for.??A coach or manager may be allocated to more than one team, or they may be filling in for another coach or manager. When a soccer game is played the first the managers do is check the opposing teams players. The managers from the opposing teams get together, they first go to one team and confirm the players name and shirt number match against that players registration card, which contains a photo of the player. They then go to the other team and repeat the processes. Substitute players can be added to the game sheet as long as they comply to the rules of the competition, being that they are of an appropriate age and are not currently registered in a higher division. Once the players have been confirmed the managers each sign the opposing teams gamesheet to confirm they have sighted the player and they are the right person, the list of players is signed-off and no alterations can be made and the game can then commence. As a goal is?scored each team manager needs to select the team and player who scored the goal, an automatic tally of the score will be updated. At the end of the game?the Referee will login and?submit the number of goals for each team, this will signal the end of the game?in the system.? The system then compares what each team has submitted, and?referees?results and if there any discrepancies sends an alert back to the?team manager and referee, so that they can fix the issue as soon as possible.?? On the Monday morning?SoccerAssociation?staff run reports to look for any discrepancies between scores, and follow-up on any issues. Reports are automatically sent out to clubs with discrepancies so that they can follow up too. Once all?discrepancies?are fixed the results are published to the website.??¬†Questions/Tasks 1. Design data entry screen for capturing new player information against a registered club. 2. Suggest at least three data validation rules that might help reduce input errors for the input screen, and give reasons as to why they will be used. 3. Develop story boards for the “GameSheet” entry app, that will be used on a mobile device. The number of screens you design is up to your design choice 4. On the Monday morning SoccerAssociation staff run reports to look for any discrepancies between scores, and follow-up on any issues. Create a detailed discrepancy report for each Club that shows the games where the manager for the opposing team has entered different results to club’s team manager Computer Science Engineering & Technology Software engineering SAD 300585 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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Task 1 SoccerAssociation information software Refer to previous…
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