Please answer questions according to scenario Scenario- Carmen…

Question Answered step-by-step Please answer questions according to scenario Scenario- Carmen… Please answer questions according to scenarioScenario-Carmen moved from South America to Canada with her husband and baby a few months ago.She was excited to learn about early years programs for children and families in her community.During her first visit to a drop-in program, she was pleased to meet families and caregiversfrom many different backgrounds. While participating in the program, a woman with a childapproached Carmen. The woman smiled and asked, “How old is the baby?” Carmen said: “He’sten months.” The woman said, “It’s beautiful to see how attached he is to you.” Puzzled, Carmenlooked up from her son to the woman who turned away to engage in an activity with the child.Because Carmen and her baby enjoyed the drop-in program, they returned the followingweek. She had the opportunity to meet an RECE who announced that registration wasavailable for a new music program that would begin next month. Carmen decided to registerfor the program. She filled in the registration form and returned it to the RECE. As Carmenwalked away, the RECE called her back and said: “Wait! Will you be bringing the child to theclasses?” “Yes, we are really excited!” Carmen replied. The RECE said: “Well, in that case, weneed your name for our records too.” Carmen paused and said: “I already provided my name.”She pointed to the parent name(s) section of the form and said, “See, right here – Carmen.”The RECE’s face turned red and she said: “Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you were the nanny.”Carmen was really taken aback. She was surprised and discouraged that the RECE automaticallyassumed that she was the nanny. Her positive feelings about the program were fading. Carmenquickly became worried and felt a need to explain: “I know I don’t look like my baby. It’s becausemy husband is white.” She panicked and presented their health cards to prove their relationship.The RECE insisted it was not needed, but Carmen showed them anyway.Later that day, Carmen thought about her experience and decided not to return to the program.Reflective questions• We all make unconscious or conscious assumptions based on our beliefs which haveoften been established by strong or dominant messages in society.? How did assumptions impact Carmen?? Consider whether your beliefs have influenced your practice in a similar way?• Reflect on ways to communicate across differences in family structures with yourcolleagues.• Which of the Code and Standards might you consider in this reflection?  Social Science Psychology ECE 245 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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Please answer questions according to scenario Scenario- Carmen…
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