You work for a community service organisation that provides…

Question Answered step-by-step You work for a community service organisation that provides… You work for a community service organisation that provides services and programs for youth in your area. One of the services you provide is an employment readiness program that helps young people with job searching and vocational education career advice. Unemployment in your area has risen and this has placed greater demands on your service. Other community services organisation have also been referring young people to your program, but when the program was first designed, it did not take into account people with mental health issues. This group is disproportionately affected by unemployment as they can face more barriers to employment.After noticing more and more young people with mental health needs approach your program for job help, you feel that the program is not adequate to cater for the needs of this particular group. A meeting is held within your organisation involving yourself as the program coordinator, your manager and staff involved in the current program. It is agreed that the program needs to be expanded to cater for young people aged 25 and under who have mental health issues.You are responsible for analysing the needs of this group and developing a program to meet the needs of this group. After initial research, you have decided to model your program on the Individual Placement and Support Program (IPS Program) (Links to an external site.). Psychology Social Science Social Psychology KRN CHC330152B Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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