On your first day, you receive the enclosed practice KPI dashboard,…

Question Answered step-by-step On your first day, you receive the enclosed practice KPI dashboard,… On your first day, you receive the enclosed practice KPI dashboard, which outlines twelve metrics for twenty-four months in total. As the leader, your responsibility is to develop a performance improvement plan to address the most impactful areas hurting the medical practice. The goals for this semester-long group project are to use the performance milestone check-ins as if they are a standing meeting with your Chief Operating Officer (COO) and deliver a final presentation to the stakeholders. Each performance improvement milestone will ask you to evaluate data to understand the performance and possible drivers, which will help you develop sound solutions to improve.The final presentation will go before BPCA stakeholders, such as the practice’s providers, medical leadership, and staff. Generally, the presentation should focus on outlining the problem, solution (using proven methods and approaches found using research), timelines, and approaches to measuring sustainment and effectiveness of your plan. The structure of this project and accompanying milestones are meant to replicate common scenarios and expectations for healthcare managers. Practice Highlights for FY21 In FY21, the practice employed 10 full-time physicians and advanced practice professionals (growth of 1 provider since FY20), and a combined total of 4 medical assistants, 2 registered nurses, 4 front desk/call center personnel, and 1 practice manager. The major events for this year are as follows:1 provider reduced their clinical FTE from 1.0 to .8 FTE on a permanent basis1 provider has notified you that they will be leaving the practice in FY22The front desk/turnover rate has been 50% per yearThe practice missed its cash collections target for the first time in recent yearsAnd you are replacing the outgoing practice manager.What are the most significant changes between FY20 and FY21 performance?What trends do you notice in the data between these years? Are there any intriguing trends that developed in the final months of FY21?Referencing the key events document found in the KPI folder, which noteworthy events in FY21 could be impacting performance?Which area(s) will your group focus on improving? Are there similar metrics that you can bundle together to make the improvement initiative more impactful? Note: this will become the basis for milestones 2 and 3 and the final project.Thinking about your fictitious medical practice, what concerns do you have about making this project successful and why?  Image transcription textKPI Dashboard for Fiscal Year 2020 and 2021 – Boston Primary Care Associates_UPDA… – Saved to my MacQ~ Search Sheet AutoSave OFF Share Home Insert Page Layout Formulas Data Review View Insert AP. WrapText General Calibri (Body) * 11 = = * Delete A – A – Sort & Cell Merge & Center $ ~ % &q… Show more… Show more  Business Management Project Management MANAGEMENT 511 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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