Question Answered step-by-step… did the author interview in this article?  Indicate whether the people interviewed were average, everyday people or experts.  For each person, explain why you think the author selected them and, if they are an expert, describe each their name, professional title, and their credentials (what makes them an expert on this topic?).Connect the main idea/theme of the news article described in this episode with ONE Psychology concept from your textbook.  A “Psychology concept” could be a theory or a term listed in bold in the margins of your textbook.  You might need to be creative and look through a textbook. b) Explain how the news article connects with the Psychology concept you chose.  Use clear thesis statements and explanation and/or examples to support your thesis statement.5. What are 2-3 “take home points” of this article?  What does the author want you to remember about this topic?      Social Science Sociology PSY 204 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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