PART ONE- The following histogram is of a data set on ICU…

Question Answered step-by-step PART ONE- The following histogram is of a data set on ICU… PART ONE-The following histogram is of a data set on ICU admissions. The data setrepresents how many patients were admitted to the ICU for a large hospital:For example: There were 10 days that had between 0 and 5.38 admissions.1. What is a better measure of a typical amount of ICU admissions for agiven day – the mean or the median? Why? PART TWO-The mean for this data set is approximately 18.8. The median is 16.  1. Calculate the “absolute difference” between 10 random numbers and the mean. Then,calculate the “absolute difference” between the same 10 random numbers andthe median.Use this website to generate 10 random numbers from the data set: calculate absolute difference, you just need to take the absolute value ofthe difference between the two numbers. For example: If you get the number”13″ as a random number, then the absolute difference between the mean and”13″ is|13 ?18.8||?5.8|5.8(DO ON PAPER AND UPLOAD PICTURE, PLEASE) 2. Write each of your 10 randomly generated numbers in the column “Randomnumber”. Then, calculate each of the absolute differences for each of the randomnumbers. PART THREE-Did the mean or the median have a lower absolute difference? Does this makeyou want to change your mind for answer one, or does it support your answer? GOOD EXPLANATIONS PLEASE 🙂          Math Statistics and Probability MATH 260 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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