Please assist with writing a brief description of how the source is…

Question Answered step-by-step Please assist with writing a brief description of how the source is… Please assist with writing a brief  description of how the source is relevant:  to my Walmart  product and service intervention paper. The source is WalmartProduct & Service Complaints Walmart is known for low prices, poor customer service, overcrowded stores, and lacking training for employees. Walmart has substandard customer service which has a negative impact on the organization. In fact, the Better Business Bureau shows a customer review rating of 1.08 and there have been 4505 consumer complaints in the last twelve months that involve problems with products/services, inaccurate websites, misleading pricing policies, and customer service issues.     Online Shopping Experience In my recent shopping experience at Walmart, there was a discrepancy between the inventory available on the website versus the inventory in the local store. Walmart’s online shopping website is not designed to dispute transactions or handle complaints and associates lack the knowledge and skills to resolve the issues. I recently purchased a Roku television through Walmart’s website, which was a dissatisfying online shopping experience. The television was in stock on the website and available for pick up within 2 hours. Twenty minutes later, I received an email showing that the television was not in stock and that it would be shipped within two weeks. I contacted the local store and was transferred multiple times and then provided with a different customer service number to request a credit. I contacted my bank to receive immediate credit and traveled to the local store where I purchased the television that day. The human capital was not leveraged effectively in this scenario and the issue could have been resolved by a knowledgeable and skilled associate.  The Decision for Walmart -Departmental Issues Walmart closed around 130 locations by late 2017 because of unpopularity, market share loss, and deficient performance. As of 2022, Walmart confirmed that stores across the U.S. closed due to deficient performance. Walmart closed the “underperforming” Supercenter in southwest Louisville. “Our decision is based on several factors, including historic and current financial performance, and is in line with the threshold that guides our strategy to close underperforming locations.” Little told the newspaper. “The Cincinnati Enquirer reported that officials said its closure was also based on historic and current financial performance.” Poor organizational practices were a factor that made it more reasonable for Walmart to sell than to resolve all the issues. This paper is written from the perspective that the store closings could have been prevented given some organizational changes.  Proposed Organizational Behavior Concepts There is an opportunity for intervention using the following organizational behavioral concepts: Active management-by-exception is recommended which is a form of transactional leadership that clarifies the performance standards and disciplines of those who do not meet the minimal standards. Walmart has an effort-reward imbalance which suggests that the employees would perform better if rewards were obtained for work completed. Deficient performance is highest when the required effort is high, but rewards are low. Walmart would also benefit from the supplemental organizational process in which associates and managers have ongoing meetings for the purpose of understanding and addressing important problems and listening to customer feedback.  Business Management Project Management MGT 517 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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