Please can you reword and rewrite each of the below statements? #1…

Question Answered step-by-step Please can you reword and rewrite each of the below statements? #1… Please can you reword and rewrite each of the below statements? #1″When it comes to addressing possible threats to a certain facility, many areas need to be addressed and/or looked at to determine exactly how much risk there may be. Although this is not always a perfect program of sort, there are ways to help staff members look for certain things and allow an avenue for reporting them that way they can be addressed. When conducting an assessment to determine these threats, one can look at previous data in terms of threats such as hurricane, tornado, earthquake, etc., and prepare for these situations by conducting monthly drills to ensure that everyone is ready and prepared for such a threat. For terroristic threats, there are avenues that can be taken to help staff look for certain behaviors and prepare for these. I am qualified to instruct on Active shooter situations and am certified through the ALICE company. I would conduct these trainings at different sites and even in local schools and other businesses so that people could better prepare in case of someone coming onto site and carrying out this type of threat. I have noticed in conducting this training, that when you bring an outside individual that is not fully invested in the company or organization, you happen to get more information and people are more open to expressing their concerns. When you present your findings to leadership, it is easier for them to make changes such as locking the doors, putting cameras in certain places, or changing how people can enter the building. The number one way to address these threats is through discussion and physically carrying out the plan by providing different scenarios and examples. ” #2″The biggest part of this is determining the threats the facility itself. Once you are familiar with the potential threats whether it be through physical means, natural means or even an attack on the technology of the organization. Then you must determine how these threats will impact the organization. If you are a technology company and your information has been hacked into, this is obviously going to cause a serious issue same as if you are an organization that provides a service to the public, then being down for any period of time is going to significantly impact the generation of income. So, in order to effectively address this, you must first determine what area would be mostly affected and make necessary changes to deter these threats or find ways to provide a better way to defend against them. I think the main thing that most people seem to forget is that potential threats are based on how easily the facility can be entered and what they can get from attacking that facility. If you are providing a service where money is being taken and there are no cameras or other devices in view, you leave yourself and your customers open to the threat of being robbed, but if you are taking this into account and addressing this effectively, those potential threats are less likely to take advantage. ” Arts & Humanities Writing OSH 110 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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