42 One topic addressed in the movie “Denial,” involved testing the…

Question Answered step-by-step 42 One topic addressed in the movie “Denial,” involved testing the… 42One topic addressed in the movie “Denial,” involved testing the limits of “free speech” (in terms of making claims about whether the Holocaust, genocide/murder of millions and millions of Jewish people, did or did not occur)True or false 21 . Based on the clips from the movie “Denial,” the lead character/(hero/-ine) Deborah Lipstadt made the point that when anyone disagrees with her that their views/opinion is 100% true, because “having an opinion” is the same as having “objectively, true, fair, accurate, complete, factual” knowledge on that same point/topic as well.¬†True or false 39. From the movie Contact,¬† ….for Dr. Arroway/(“Ellie”), (actress, Jodi Foster…)….feelings, emotions, intuitions, hunches, etc. did *not seem to play any role in guiding her thoughts, investigation, etc.. Rather, she seemed (herself) “more like” a cold, calculating “machine,” …not unlike a computer, or a (math) calculatTrue or false 37. In science, being “precise” (and specific) is often better than being “imprecise” (and general/vague).True or false 34 . According to a powerpoint we reviewed in class, the reason why so few scientists today believe that the dinosaurs went extinct due to their eggs being stolen by small mammals is that this explanationcan’t be tested, while another equally plausible/possible explanation has been successfully testedb. assumes that dinosaurs are now extinct, which is quite possibly falsec. uses completely unclear language (such as “eggs” and “extinct”) that can’t possibly be definedd. assumes that dinosaurs once existed, while no scientific evidence can be found to support that view Arts & Humanities Philosophy PHIL PHIL R100 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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