I need help. I am lost, I cannot understand what he wants. Can you…

Question Answered step-by-step I need help. I am lost, I cannot understand what he wants. Can you… I need help. I am lost, I cannot understand what he wants. Can you explain to me what my professor wants me to do? This is the assignment he was asking for: Sensation & PerceptionScience fiction writers are always searching for good ideas for plots that will capture the interest of their readers. A common premise during one particular era of science fiction movies was that radiation somehow altered biological processes, transforming normal human beings into super humans – some good and some evil.  One such example is the Incredible Hulk who, through a laboratory accident, developed superhuman strength that manifested itself when he was angry.So, you need your own team of superheroes by pretending it is possible to magnify the abilities governed by the senses. After you’ve considered the components and functions for the sense you choose to alter, give your imagination free rein as you explore the kinds of alterations that might fit the demands of a superhero’s life. What challenges would allow your superheroes to demonstrate their exceptional abilities? Think creatively! You will need to include the following components for this response:? a superhero (give your superhero a name – be creative);? describe the super ability;? indicate how this could be possible biologically* (cite relevant facts about how the sensor operates normally and what changes have occurred);? describe your superhero’s vulnerability; what diminishes his/her special powers?* All super abilities must be biologically possible/plausible. For example, you may propose changes in the range of stimuli to which the system responds, but you may not propose things such as having an extra eyeball.once you have created your superhero:? we need an enemy for the superhero (all good superheroes need an enemy);? give your archenemy a name (be creative);? describe how your archenemy defeats your superhero’s super ability.Finally, describe what impact considering these issues has had on your own understanding of your life. What limitations (such as types of wavelengths of light are sensed), if overcome, would present the additional information most valuable to you in achieving your goals? I did this:                                                                                       Sensation & Perception The name of my hero is Dechand – diminutive of decoder hands. She has the ability to perceive someone’s good or bad intentions by touching their bodies or objects. Basically, it is possible to happen because the skin is our largest sensory organ. The skin’s surface has many sensory receptors with which we can perceive all kinds of stimuli. So, when she touches the people’s skin or objects that belong to them, her receptors activate immediately, and Dechand can determine their intentions or where they are.Her vulnerability is the extreme cold temperature since the body’s skin vessels react to cold temperatures by vasoconstriction, leading her to hand frostbites but in an extreme way. Because her hypothalamus will be damaged three times more than a normal human being would be affected. As a result, her blood flow is reduced, and the lack of warm blood can cause tissues to freeze and inclusive rupture. This makes the superhero’s abilities unstable or at risk of getting her hands in damage during such a situation.Dechand’s archenemy name is <>. Her performance is pretty well in freezing temperatures, and her favorite hobby is turning everything into ice and crushing them into little pieces. Bitterly-Cold hates her for two reasons. The first and the main reason is that –under her sick mind– she believes that Dechand stole her boyfriend, Hicer, from her. The second reason is that if Dechand touches her can reveal her crimes to the police and go to jail forever.She constantly modifies the temperature of the whole area around her lair to ensure Dechand’s skill to detect the place she lives is weakened. Bitterly-Cold turns the temperature to the extreme cold to the point that Dechand cannot hold it. However, when Dechand sees someone in danger, something inside of her brain activates and produces an alteration to her hand temperature and makes them stay warm. She can easily perceive what is happening or where her archenemy is. Dechand fights against injustice and people’s abuse, leading her to overcome barriers set by Bitterly-Cold because she is authentically evil.Finally, I would say that I have always wanted to have an ability like the superhero Dechand and fight against the injustices and abuses against human beings, I have often felt frustrated and hands tied without the power to do something. And he wrote this: Hi there, Silva,Thank you for sharing–this is really interesting! It got me thinking more about thought & emotional identification.  fMRI can be used to identify some thought patterns in the brain, but since you mentioned touch: if your hero could detect electrical patterns as EEG electrodes, then emotional states (like anger!) could be identified if she were able to touch the person’s head.  Here: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/stamp/stamp.jsp?arnumber=6506629&casa_token=vThTgDuachQAAAAA:ltNaHmYsr_5fR-MwYVKCz2x3kJoFN4yDQozuETcZ05PEyoQgINYOzNv6utcdfVUMBBWScZBX&tag=1Links to an external site. is one paper I’d encourage you (and others here) to take a look at…. What additional research do you think could be done in this area?  Does this lead you to think about the nature of emotional experience any differently than you did before? I am not asking for you to fix my assignment. I am asking what I need to change with an example, please. Social Science Psychology PSY 316 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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