Please just look over my grammar. Want to make sure it flow….

Question Answered step-by-step Please just look over my grammar. Want to make sure it flow…. Please just look over my grammar. Want to make sure it flow.Description of a peer review and its importance.Kelly et al. (2014), over the last 300 years peer review has been around when researchers have been researching topics. Peer review serves two primary purposes. To make sure the researchers published with quality and the information is a real originality of the studies. Also provide suggestions and improve data of the information that is being researched. Kelly et al. (2014), within the scientific community, peer review has become an essential component of peer review. Peer review provides a trusted form of scientific communication. Kelly et al. (2014), peer review is important because it provides direct and recovered information needed when doing research on a topic.What makes an article peer reviewed?Kelly et al. (2014), a peer review article has to go through a great extent of steps. First article is written by the researcher. Next the article will be reviewed by an expert that is familiar with the research topic.What is the importance of peer review and the research process and in social work practice?The importance of peer review in the research process camera is it gives the individual high quality information when doing research on a topic (Acquavita & Tice, 2013). Also it filters out articles that do not give good data about the topic that is being researched. In the social worker practice peer review research allows the social worker to continue to use their fundamental skills to help clients by having in personal interaction or verbal and written communication (Acquavita & Tice, 2013).How does the content and language of a peer-reviewed research article compare to other forms of writing?Kelly et al. (2014), the difference is that peer reviewed research is examined by experts in the bill of the topic that is being researched to confirm the information that is given is accurate. Whereas formal writing is information where experts wouldn’t look over the information that was researched to make sure the information is correct.ReferenceKelly, Jacalyn, Sadeghieh, Tara, & Adeli, Khosrow (2014, Oct). The journal of the international Federation of clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine. Peer Review in Scientific Publications: Benefits, Critiques, & A Survival Guide, (), ., Shuana P., & Tice, Carolyn (2013, Fall). Peer Review in Social Policy Course. Advances in Social Work, 14, . Arts & Humanities Writing SOCW 6301 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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