When planning a healthcare facility or major renovation project it…

Question Answered step-by-step When planning a healthcare facility or major renovation project it… When planning a healthcare facility or major renovation project it is important to identify the areas for ongoing management of the facility that can become problematic and try to solve those issues in the planning process. Cushman and Wakefield advice; Healthcare facilities management is one of the most complex areas affecting Facilities Managers. Poor execution and lack of planning can result in poor and even dangerous treatment outcomes, up to and including loss of life. However, Facilities Managers who take the time to understand the top challenges in healthcare facilities management can help reduce risk and improve treatment outcomes. Healthcare facilities management is filled with unique challenges. Facilities Managers must ensure their buildings are in tip-top shape while maintaining the safety and security of all documentation for patients and visitors alike. Failure to maintain proper protocols for managing protected health information (PHI) could result in the assessment of significant penalties and fines against a facility. In addition, healthcare Facilities Managers face the following primary challenges. Facility emergency systems requirements are becoming more stringent.Executives demand lower overhead costs.Security is more important than ever.Patient satisfaction and treatment outcomes determine reimbursement from insurers. (Cushman, et. al. 2018). What are some of the planning considerations the architectural team will need to consider to prevent facility management issues in these areas? Cushman & Wakefield. (2018, June 11). What are the Top Challenges in Healthcare Facilities Management? QSI Facilities.http://blog.qsifacilities.com/challenges-in-healthcare-facilities-management Business Management Project Management HCS 529 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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