Task 1 To demonstrate competency in this unit, you will need to do…

Question Task 1 To demonstrate competency in this unit, you will need to do… Task 1To demonstrate competency in this unit, you will need to do (3) three tasks: ‘I have done the 1 one. 2. Develop a report on the optimum capacity of an agency, including:current agency profile and forward projections for agencymaximum/minimum property management scope and scaleresources required to manage properties3. Develop a report with recommendations to adjust property management portfolio mix.Templates have been provided to assist you in the completion of these tasks and should be returned to your assessor once completed. Refer to the Research and Report template to ‘complete this task.You may use an example real estate or the real estate agency below:”John Albert Rogers, with over 25 years’ experience in the property and finance industry, established Albert Property and Finance Group in 1990 to offer a professional and totally comprehensive property service to those clients who wanted the benefits of dealing with one dependable point of contact through all facets of property transactions.Albert Property’s mission to provide continuous service of the highest quality in real estate.The company have always fostered long-term business relationships by meeting their clients’ specific needs in ways which are individual, innovative and commercially sound. They offer a wide range of services including:Property and Sales AdviceMarket assessment and analysisRural property assessmentDevelopment feasibility studiesAcquisition of development sitesSales, purchase & leasing of residential, commercial and industrial propertiesProperty and asset managementLand & property auctionsStock and stationThe organisation is one of the most qualified, experienced and dedicated sales teams in Australia, and with sales in excess of $700 million per year, and an extensive portfolio of properties they manage.” ‘I have done the 1 one.user Guide link https://vsubscriberresources.s3.amazonaws.com/6148a7f2c09d9.pdf Image transcription text2. Develop a report on the optimumcapacity of an agency, including: 0current agency pro?le and… Show more… Show moreImage transcription textPart 2 Report on optimum capacity of theagency Provide the following Details of theagency’s current property man… Show more… Show moreImage transcription textPart3 Report on recommendations toadjust property management portfoliomix Research and develop… Show more… Show more  Business Management Project Management REAL ESTAT CERTIFICAT Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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