Within the scenario critique the use of the FCT procedure being…

Question Answered step-by-step Within the scenario critique the use of the FCT procedure being… Within the scenario critique the use of the FCT procedure being used (e.g., are all components of the procedure being implemented correct, are all guidelines for effective use being followed, are there are ethical violations, etc.). Specify at least two aspects of the procedure that are correct, two aspects that need to be improved or modified and give a brief rational as to why. Help provide specific recommendations for addressing any of the guidelines that are not being followed. ScenarioJanelle is a behavior analyst who provides early intervention services at a small ABA clinic. One of her client’s is a 5-year-old girl who has not developed any functionally appropriate communication skills. When the she wants something, she will point in the direction of the thing she wants and make unintelligible vocalizations. If she does not receive want she wants right away, the girl will typically begin whining before engaging in a tantrum, which involves her dropping to the ground while screaming and crying. When these tantrums occur, they typically last for about 10 minutes, or until she receives what she wants. The girl has used complete vocal words in other situations and contexts, but her parents report that she almost never uses words to ask for the things she wants.Janelle completes an assessment of the girl’s behaviors and determines that the function of the behavior is socially mediated positive reinforcement in the form of access to preferred items. To address this issue, Janelle decides to focus on teaching the girl to request her three most preferred items: juice, snack, and video. Because Janelle herself is fluent in sign language, she decide to teach the girl the signs for the three items. Throughout her sessions, Janelle provides prompts to emit the signs by modeling the signs for the girl. Every single time the girl copies one of the signs, Janelle provide brief access to the item. This procedure has been going very well, so Janelle decides that the next step will be thinning the schedule of reinforcement by requiring that the girl emits two signs before she receives access to the item. Janelle continues to provide model prompts to ensure that the girl continues to emit the correct signs.  Social Science Psychology AB 556 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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