Please explain the next following evidence about the topic (How…

Question Answered step-by-step Please explain the next following evidence about the topic (How… Please explain the next following evidence about the topic (How does it affect or benefit our interpersonal relationships in the social environment, based on psychological concepts?) 1-“Social connections are essential for health and well-being. People whose social needs go unmet have greater incidence of depression, weaker immune systems, and higher mortality rates compared to those with close connection” 2-“”People try to view themselves positively although they are aware of their own limitations(self-acceptance), seek to maintain satisfactory interpersonal relationships (positive relationswith others), develop a sense of self-determination and personal authority in their interactionwith the context (autonomy)”3-“Studies have further shown that interpersonal psychotherapy can effectively reduce the depressive symptoms among adolescents”4-“Social approach motivation enhances exposure to positive social events by creating opportunities and taking advantage of potentially rewarding social interactions (Gable, 2006). This is important because positive social encounters do not simply happen; they must be actively approached… In line with this rationale, people with high levels of social approach motivation experience more positive social encounters (Gable, 2006; Nikitin, Burgermeister, & Freund, 2012) and are more liked by others than people with lower levels of social approach motivation”Just explain the connection between the topic and the evidence. Psychology Social Science Social Psychology SOCIAL SCI SSY 250 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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