Don’t need explanation, just answers. ASAP please and thanks….

Question Answered step-by-step Don’t need explanation, just answers. ASAP please and thanks…. Don’t need explanation, just answers. ASAP please and thanks.Question 1 attatched. First option is x-raysQuestion 2) One scientist had a deeply tanned face, which is typical of people who work outdoors. Tanning is due to the effects of:A. Visible light raysB. Ultraviolet radiationC. Gamma radiationD. X-raysQuestion 3) The wavelength of radiation reaching Earths surface that has increased as a result of the thinning ozone layer is:A. 10^4 mB. 10^2 mC. 10^-4 mD. 10^-8 mQuestion 4) Lamps keep food warm in the cafeteria by emitting radiation with a frequency of 10^13 Hz. This type of radiation is:A. MicrowaveB. InfraredC. UltravioletD. ShortwaveQuestion 5) Spearfishers looking down into the water aim below their intended target. They do so to correct for the fact that light coming from the target is:A. ReflectedB. PolarizedC. RefractedD. MagnifiedQuestion 6) A scientific expedition travelled to the arctic to study environmental issues. As they left their airplane, expedition members experienced a sharp glare of sunlight reflecting off the Arctic ice. The reflected glare can be reduced by wearing protective sunglasses with a:A. Concave lensB. Magnifying glass C. Convex lensD. Polarizing filterQuestion 7) As current passes through a light filament, the temperature of the filament increases and it’s colour changed from:A. White to yellow to redB. Red to yellow to whiteC. Red to white to yellowD. Yellow to white to red Image transcription text2 ultraviolet rays 3 visible light 4 gamma rays 5 radio waves Some EMR does not penetrate Earth’s atmospheresignificantly, so instruments designed to collect this radiation must be placed in orbit. The three types ofradiation that are mostly blocked by Earth atmosphere are ___ _, and (Record your three digit ans… Show more… Show more Science Physics SCIENCE 30 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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