Name: Student Number: This is not a list of all the countries in…

Question Name: Student Number: This is not a list of all the countries in… Name:Student Number:This is not a list of all the countries in the Americas but it is a list of the countries that your classmates went to help you learn about. Please read and listen to their sharing and fill out the following:Country/RegionGatewaysMain attractors and/or reasons people visit here(if you need to remember only 2 or 3 things about the place)Chile   Bahamas, Turks and Caicos  Puerto Rico & the US/British Virgin Islands  Barbados  Brazil   Colombia,   Venezuela,   Aruba, Curacao & Bonaire  Costa Rica  Cuba  Dominican Republic & Haiti  Ecuador and the Galápagos  Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua  Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago  Jamaica  Mexico: North, Baja, Bajío, Central and Veracruz  Mexico: The Rest (Yucatan, Chiapas and Tabasco, Pacific Coast and Oaxaca)  Panama  Peru   Bolivia  Saint Maarten, Guadeloupe, Martinique, St. Lucia St. Kitts.  Argentina & Antarctica       The Americas has a plethora of historic sites dating back to Indigenous societies, other cultural heritage sites or activities or food as well as a diverse range of natural environments and iconic natures. attractionIn what country is the attraction located?Add name of countryWhat type of attraction is it?Cultural heritage site; Natural heritage site; Activity; Food; OtherWhy is this attraction significant? What is an important part of its history? Why are people travelling there?Machu Pichu   Amazon Rain Forest   Tikal   Patagonia   Nazca lines   Salar de Uyuni   Iguazu Falls   Chichen Itza   Galapagos Islands   Torres del Paine   Christ the Redeemer   Dunn’s River Falls   Empanadas   Teotihuacan   Mayan Riviera   Andes   Lake Titicaca   Ceviche   The Moais of Rapa Nui   Angel Falls   Citadelle Laferrière   Samba   Stingray City   Panama Canal    Identify the city name of the following airport and rank in order of busiest to least busy based on most recent dataCodeCityRankSFO  LAX  SEA  ORD  MCO  DFW  JFK  ATL  DEN  LAS   Match the airport to the city by entering the correct letterGRU                                                                 ____ NassauGIG                                                                  ____ Quito AEP                                                                 ____ Rio de JaneiroNAS                                                                 ____ Caracas HAV                                                                 ____ Buenos AiresUIO                                                                  ____ HavanaCCS                                                                  ____ São PauloMatch the state to the iconic attraction or description by entering the correct letterAlaska                                                              ____ Las VegasGeorgia                                                  ____ Beaches, Disneyworld, Old Canadians :Massachusetts                                       ____ Boston, Martha’s Vineyard, etc.California                                               ____ Most populous state. HollywoodSouth Carolina                                                ____ Myrtle BeachNevada                                                  ____ Seattle, Close to Vancouver Washington                                                    ____ Home of busiest airport, peaches…Florida                                                             ____ Islands, beaches, volcanos, hula,  Hawaii                                                             ____ Largest state, glaciers, tundra , mountains…Research and write/copy the answers into the text box. Include the link to the source of your information.Which South American country(s) has the largest % of people from Asia. Where from? Which South American country(s) has the largest % of Indigenous people.  Name 5 crops that originated in the Americas What are the 5 most visited countries in the Caribbean?   When is the hurricane season?  What are the 5 busiest cruise ports in the world?  Which Central American Country is most famous for Ecotourism?  Which Central American Country is most famous for a Coral Reef? Name a famous festival in Brazil   History World History HOSPITALIT TOUR220 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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