Please edit or make some chnages to this doco I could barely make…

Question Answered step-by-step Please edit or make some chnages to this doco I could barely make… Please edit or make some chnages to this doco I could barely make sense of anything as I stepped out the front door towards the bus stop on this bright and early morning. My eyesight blackened out by the harsh sunlight, and I was strolling half-asleep, already hoping for the day to end. My non-caring act, however, was quickly put to an end when my mother came up behind me, partly frightening me to death and definitely waking me up from my morning daydreaming period, and of course, it was so she could give me the rundown, the notorious “first-day-of-school safety speech.” “Be alert to your surroundings, stand tall and confident; people cannot be trusted, and so on.” She always reminds me of the essentials whenever I leave the house for any purpose. I used to brush off what she said to me, not caring about my safety because I never thought it would happen to me. All I could think was, “My mother is wrong, I have common sense, there’s literally a one in a million chance I’ll be kidnapped or  whatever; that stuff only happens in movies where children are gullible and take candy from strangers like fools.” Clearly, I was the lone knucklehead in the room. As my mother proceeded to give me her long speeches of the day, I knew that it wasn’t simply because she was a worried mother concerned about her child; it had everything to do with my older brother’s death. My mother never told me anything about his death, as if she was keeping it a secret from me, which is silly, so I never gave it much attention, not wanting to make my mother relive it with my dozens of inquiries about it. All she had told me was that he died in a freak accident, and you can imagine how much that may irritate you. However, I’m good at pushing things to the side, so that’s exactly what I’d done all these years until my mother kept saying the same thing every time I wanted to go out, “five seconds, five seconds is all it takes to be taken away from your life, only five seconds and you’re in the back of a stranger’s car.”Everything clicked after this sentence was repeated one too many times: my older brother had kidnapped himself, and I had so many questions: was he ever found? Was he discovered dead on the spot? What was my mother’s motivation for keeping it a secret? My mother jolted me out of my trance of overwhelming thoughts by asking if I was ready for my first day of school, and I kissed her goodbye and left for the bus without wasting another second. I started thinking about my brother again and how protective my mother had been this morning. It made me wonder if he was abducted on a day like today. Is it possible that his first day of high school was also the day he died? I was instantly hit by a strange feeling that ran through my entire body, sending goosebumps down my arms, and my anxiety skyrocketed. But, as with everything else, I just shrugged it off and proceeded on my journey to the bus stop.Given that I was on schedule, the bus should have arrived at the stop by the time I approached it. I assumed the bus driver was late, but it had already been five minutes, and he hadn’t arrived, and the bus driver wasn’t late. That’s unusual, I thought, and as I was ready to go to ask my mother to take me instead, a vehicle approached the stop. I thought to myself that it might be a student who knew what had happened to the bus, so I waved at them in the hopes of getting an explanation… I was utterly oblivious to what would happen in the next few seconds.Two men dressed entirely in black sprang out of the car and dashed towards me, one holding a large bag in one hand and a rope in the other. Everything I had previously believed was a complete falsehood, everything I had once considered to be true: that the likelihood of an abduction occurring was “one-in-a-million,” that this could never happen to me… it all went down the toilet. All I could think was that what had happened to my brother was about to happen to me, and there was nothing I could do.My mind went to one single thought before I passed out from lack of oxygen, this one line repeating itself in my head as I lay in the trunk of a strange vehicle with this horrible blasting music making me feel as if my eardrums were ready to bleed, my mother was correct.  Arts & Humanities Writing ENGLISH 1 2010 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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