U.S. Imperialism Using research from the internet and other…

Question Answered step-by-step U.S. Imperialism Using research from the internet and other… U.S. Imperialism  Using research from the internet and other provided resources, on U.S. Expansion & Imperialism from 1880s-1915.  must include the following items: Introductionexplaining the Motivations for U.S. imperialism & expansion (manifest destiny, land, access to new markets & resources, cultural superiority, conversion to Christianity)Carl SchurzEach must contain:Title w/ DateEach  should have 4-5 bullet points of informationBackground InformationCause/Effect: What about the location was of importance to the U.S.? What happened because of U.S. involvement?Significance of the EventEffects of the Event on People (Ex: How did the annexation of Hawaii affect Hawaiians?)Primary/Secondary Source (Quote, Image, Chart, Map, Etc)Events–Explanations of the Events will take at least 2-3 slides each.Acquisition/Annexation of HawaiiSpanish-American WarCauses/EffectsTreaty of ParisPuerto RicoReasons for InvolvementForaker ActCubaReasons for InvolvementPlatt AmendmentPhilippines InsurrectionCauses/EffectsChina/Open Door PolicyReasons for InvolvementSpheres of InfluenceBoxer rebellionEffects of InvolvementJapanReasons for involvementGentleman’s AgreementGreat White FleetEffects of Involvement”Big Stick” Diplomacy/RooseveltPanama CanalWhy was it built? Challenges in building it? Effects?Roosevelt Corollary”Dollar” Diplomacy/TaftLatin America”Moral” Diplomacy/WilsonMexicoConclusionSources/List of Websites Used History US History HISTORY 11B Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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