Hi can someone give feedback on my analysis to this source: Source…

Question Answered step-by-step Hi can someone give feedback on my analysis to this source: Source… Hi can someone give feedback on my analysis to this source:┬áSource 1:Canada’s history has seen many human-rights abuses. One appalling example was the century-long effort to assimilate Aboriginal children through the residential school system. In other disturbing programs, in Alberta and British Columbia, many people deemed to have developmental disabilities were forcibly sterilized so that they could not have children. Canadian governments must take responsibility to recognize and atone for these and many other injustices to ensure they are never repeated┬áResponse:The first source is an unknown excerpt that discusses how corrupt the government of Canada was. The reason why it was corrupt was because they cared more about the collective instead of the individuals. The Canadian government’s illiberal actions had negatively impacted the indigenous by forcing indigneous children to assimilate to different cultures and making them forget their own history. The source also states people were also involuntarily sterilized to the point where they would be unable to have their own children. The source is clearly stating a left wing governing way Canada had during those times by treating their own people worse than the government. John Locke, an English philosopher, would disagree with the government’s actions. The reasoning behind this is because his ideology believed people were good and everyone had natural rights to life, and even liberty and no one (including the government) could take them away. His ideology was also that governments are created to protect the people of the nation. Therefore, his principle/or ideology would cause Locke to disagree with the government’s actions as the governments forced the indigenous to assimilate to another culture and forcefully forget their own. Social Science Political Science SOCIAL 30 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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