Review the handout, Children’s Atypical Development and discuss the…

Question Answered step-by-step Review the handout, Children’s Atypical Development and discuss the… Review the handout, Children’s Atypical Development and discuss the following questions:In what way do you think these children are ‘different’?  How has their development been ‘atypical’ in some way? What are some causes of this atypical development? Children’s Atypical Development Jendrie: When Jendrie was 4, he still could not walk. He would propel himself across the floor on his bottom. Occasionally he would pull himself up to a standing position, but this did not last long. Eventually he would slide back down to the floor. Sage: 4 year old Sage seemed disoriented and distracted from the time he started in the childcare program. Educators commented on how difficult it was to get Sage to focus during circle time, to respond to his name, or to even select an activity during free play.  Madison: 4 year old Madison cried every day when her mother dropped her off. She resisted comfort from all of the Educators. Soon she would be on the carpet, lining up toys. Bronwell: 4 year old Bronwell was the 4th child to attend daycare from the same family. Each of the three other children seemed to have difficulties in various developmental areas. His oldest sister, Raine, would cry and cry until she threw up. Alicia, another sister, was very withdrawn from others, and often sat, staring at her hands and fingers. Max, Bronwell’s brother, also seemed quite delayed and feral. He would urinate in a corner of the room, and then rub his wet hands in his hair. In comparison to his siblings, Bronwell seemed quite typical in his development. However, all Educators were directed to monitor Bronwell’s development.  Redding: When 4 your old Redding started in your program you noticed that he never stood up straight, and that he always seemed to be crouched. He moved slowly, and it seemed like he was dragging one of his feet behind him. You mentioned your observation to his mother, who laughed, replied that he was just pretending to be an animal, and that he always moved like this.  Arts & Humanities Writing ECE 1160 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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