Stacy, a 26 years old, is a waitress. She is very good at what she…

Question Answered step-by-step Stacy, a 26 years old, is a waitress. She is very good at what she… Stacy, a 26 years old, is a waitress. She is very good at what she does, primarily because she is so consumed with making sure all her customers’ needs are met, when they are unreasonable. Her boss like that about her because she keeps the customers happy.As the third of four children raised by a single mother, Stacy craved her mom’s attention but rarely received it. Her two older brothers were unruly and seemed to be always getting into some kind of trouble that their mother had to help get them out of. Her younger siter was born only thirteen months after Stacy, six months after their father had left them.Although their mother loved them all, she found it difficult to give all her children the attention they wanted. This was especially true of Stacy. Her older siblings were demanding of their mom’s attention and her younger siter need their mom’s attention because she was a baby.When Stacy did get her mom’s attention as a preschool-age child, it was often precisely because she was not demanding it. Her mother would often make comments to Stacey such as, “Thanks Goodness you aren’t asking me to do something too!” Although this does not sound endearing, Stacy’s mom always said it with a sense of humor, and it did not hurt Stacy’s feelings but rather made her feel good.  1. How would you describe Stacey’s personality2. Apply Murray’s theory what is Stacy’s need (identify one that you notice) also is it a primary or secondary need?3. What is the press4. Using the need and press you described in questions two and three discuss how Murray’s theory would explain her personality behaviors in question one  Social Science Psychology PSYC 165 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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