How can you comment on my assignment below? Describe a vision of…

Question Answered step-by-step How can you comment on my assignment below? Describe a vision of… How can you comment on my assignment below? Describe a vision of yourself some in other professional area, including your field of expertise, as a doctoral-level practitioner. What will be key to your success in the field? When I began this journey to obtain what some say is the highest degree in the land, it was for several reasons in the personal and professional space. I’ve been in business, it feels all my life, from running a family business, creatively building my own, working for many organizations building a career of success and respect. None of that experience has matched the teachings and learning base I’ve been challenged with during this process.  My genuine interest has settled, as my life and career both were formed from a raw sense to mold me into the learner, educator, trainer, and at times an expert in my field. This process involved several people, subjects, and locations. Sound familiar? This is why going into the study of Supply Chain Management made sense; its true nature is to understand how point A is found and developed to end at point E, delivered to an end source or person.I had a tough time choosing between where I envision myself five-ten years from now as an educator and an expert in my field at a professional level. As for the choice, I planned on accomplishing both from the beginning. I plan to begin communication and negotiations with my current employer to move from my current position into a newly formed director or vice president of distribution management or supply chain. As an international manufacturer and distributor of a product, my organization bodes well for someone to bring together multiple departments that can execute domestic and international custom processes to answer our supply and demand issues while creating future solutions. The key to my success will be utilizing research, theories, and current marketplace studies to determine where we should focus our time and efforts to obtain the goal.On the other hand, I’ve always wanted to be an educator at a collegiate level. Becoming a business professor (not just supply chain management) and giving back to young minds, as I have been blessed to receive over time in school and out, would be a phenomenal opportunity. Success in this field will understand my personal goals, teaching philosophy, and support structure of the school I’ve partnered with. Of course, my interactions with my students and continued research in the field will be impactful and necessary to continue growing not only one’s knowledge base but others’ self-awareness.I look forward to taking both paths and finding success and value for others, not just myself.  Engineering & Technology Industrial Engineering Supply Chain Management DB 8420 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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