Part 1 – Plato had defined erotic love as temporary love in his…

Question Answered step-by-step Part 1 – Plato had defined erotic love as temporary love in his… Part 1 – Plato had defined erotic love as temporary love in his “Speech of Aristophanes”. It is believed that in ancient times, the god divided the whole human community into two halves which resulting in frustration of people to find their other halves. While finding their other halves people often fall in love with wrong persons. We can also that, according to Plato love is an e-type love which comes with many consequences. The women were split into two women, the men split into two men and the androgynous humans were split into both men and women and when they search for their other half it is quite painful for them to do so because they need someone to make them feel complete which is very hard to find in world full of people. The love exists in two parties even before they have met. It is easy to say the true love happens that time when a person is able to find the right half of himself. This true love exists till death of both parties.This is human nature that we find our other halves while having senseless sex with anyone. There is a reason why we seek our other half, and that reason can never be beauty. We like to do intimate activities just for pleasure, but we don’t realise that this is not real pleasure.While representing love in the speech of Aristophanes and Sappho’s poems using Aristotle’s concept, it is important to think about the consistency of characters in love. According to me the most concept given by Sobell can be the casual effect, which tells us that the love occurs for some reasons between two people. Soble’s love fall under the category of agape-type love as he said, “But if not, I want to remind you beautiful times we had.” (Sappho, 2003, p.94).Part 2 – We have studied that Philia love is a bond between two persons without any lust or romantic interest. Its just an emotion of respect between two persons. By “Philia love is a state of character”, he means that those who are virtuous are using their philosophies to live their lives and make decisions. To attain Philia love, both parties should attain virtuous characters that make them good friends. The consistency of one’s respect in other’s heart means a lot. When the respect vanishes, the Philia Love vanishes.┬ácomment on this, why you think what you think about it. Social Science Psychology PHIL 225 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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