Please help me organize this in SMART format. Thanks My Leadership…

Question Answered step-by-step Please help me organize this in SMART format. Thanks My Leadership… Please help me organize this in SMART format. Thanks                                                                                                My Leadership Application Project (LAP) proposal is intended to help reduce operating costs and improve clinical outcome that are brought about the Implementation and Integration of Electronic Health Record system. This eventually will have an impact in promoting quality of care in the practice of Physical Therapy. I dedicate this project to inspire my colleagues, college students, physicians, other healthcare professionals and the community to participate and support me in this project. To implement the EHR system, we will have to undergo transitional period from Phase 1 to Phase 3. Phase I – All staff will be scanning and converting files after work hours. All will be working two hours of overtime for four weeks. We will have additional scanners to make work faster and as well as temporarily adding two staff members during nighttime to work on scanning and converting files for four weeks. Phase II- All the staff will be trained using the new EHR system after work hours. We will ALL be working four hours of overtime for four weeks. To facilitate this phase, no vacation or leave other than the official holidays scheduled for this month of May. Phase III- We will ALL join the EHR and if we find any glitches, we would need to work it out for one week. By acting as a team to find solutions and support each other, we will make our clinic more successful and ensure a better quality of care for our patients. Once we are ready, we will start to collect data using Computerized Adaptive testing technology in 12 outpatient clinics that were integrated into EHR. Subject: Geriatrics with Neuromusculoskeletal disorder. Method: Process and Patient’s personal information, General health data and patient’s goal were entered in EHR. To conclude my project, once I’ve rallied the team, it’s time to develop a Plan of Action that explains how we are going to execute the changes over time. As a leader, I want my team to get involved in creating this roadmap. My best approach is to facilitate the team for open discussion about changes in the clinic and to encourage them to communicate early, often, and transparently. My goal is to help the team feel as though they play a critical role in ensuring the change’s success. This will encourage them to see the process through.  Business Management Project Management UNKNOWN 584 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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